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Ethics Policy

Last Revised: April 01, 2020

Welcome to’s Ethics Policy! Thank you for choosing to use our services.


As we update, improve and expand the Services, this Policy may change, so please refer back to it periodically. By accessing this Site you/user/visitor automatically confirm your acknowledgment & acceptance of these Terms of use which is the agreement between the parties.


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1. Accuracy 

2. Anonymous Sources

3. Attribution

  • We must be truthful about the source of our news. Facts and quotes in a story that were not produced by our reporting must be attributed. Attribution of material from other media must be total. Plagiarism is not permitted. It is the policy of this news to give credit to other publications that develop exclusive stories worthy of coverage by Aamader Malda.

4. Expert Sources

  • We must strive always to get a rich variation of voices into our work. This means avoiding dependence on the same academics or public figures for reactions to stories. We all must look for new specialists—especially women, younger people, unconventional thinkers and people who aren’t routinely quoted by us and other media outlets, but who constitute a large part of our readership, and of the general population. This won’t happen unless we make an effort. Reporters need to expand their universe of sources.

6. Letters to the Editor

Any questions or clarifications with respect to this Policy can be sent to AAMADER MALDA at:



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