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Quality news, where you want it, when you want it.

Aamader Malda is a newspaper as well as a popular online news portal and trustworthy source for technical and digital content for its influential audience all around the globe. Aamader Malda, the only media of your hometown, Malda, and its thoughts. 


Here, you can share and express your views and thoughts and you'll get here the essence of MALDAIYA CULT.


Aamader Malda is a broadsheet newspaper owned by Aniruddha Dasgupta and published in Malda, the bridge between North & South Bengal districts in West Bengal, India. Malda lies 347 km (215 miles) north of Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. 


The News Enthusiast truly understands the importance of transparency being catered to the citizens of India. He paved his way into journalism, in order to create awareness amongst the people on topics that are the need of the hour.


In March 2002, Aniruddha Dasgupta founded Aamader Malda. Under his 18 years of leadership, Aamader Malda has become a local leader in the provision and analysis of data from across the new information environment for newsrooms and corporations.


Fact-Checking Policy

Our reporters must be precious with their words, headlines, and URLs. They must understand that their words possess power and act responsibly. 


Correction Policy

Aamader Malda Fact Check corrects errors as quickly as possible and with high levels of transparency. 


Ownership Structure

Aamader Malda, Registration Number WBBEN/03/13342, is a registered under Registrar of Newspapers for India.

We strive for high editorial standards

Our reporters precious with their words, headlines, and URLs. They understand that their words possess power and act responsibly. In doing so, reporters verify the information they gather. These include identifying information such as names and position but also include factual statements and accounts.


Aamader Malda News has no political connections. We believe in fact-checking news from all ends of the political spectrum and apply the same standards to claims irrespective of who originate them. We call out fake news without fear or favor. Aamader Malda News explains in detail how the claim was debunked. This is done in the interest of transparency, and it also serves an educational purpose, guiding the readers on how to evaluate claims which they may come across in the future.

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