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 . . The Arrest In the evening of 18th January, the couple found themselves caught in a dense fog. Marie Antoinette had gone down to the gardens, to read a prayer book and watch a play being performed at the tomb of Louis XIV (moved there by Napoleon), while . . . were eating supper together in the salon. The next morning, they were in a state of semi-comatose intoxication. The  . . . Both  . . . were on their way to the Tuileries when Laborde, a servant of the house, saw the  . . . and seized him. The  . . . . The royal couple were arrested. On the way, the  . . . The  . . . The morning after the arrest, Laborde was summoned to his former employer, the intendant general of the palace. The intendant general had been informed by the archbishop of Paris of the arrest of  . . .. He was determined to conceal  . . . from Laborde, for the latter was said to be a servant of  . . . "The keys," said the intendant general, "have been taken from the royal house." "The keys? Why, the king himself carries them on his person." "The king is arrested." "The king is arrested? What! Madam, the king is arrested?" The intendant general (who was a friend of Laborde's) Seeing Laborde in a state of great agitation, the intendant general took a seat in a corner of the room and began to talk with him. Laborde told him of  . . . and then related what he knew. The intendant general listened to him attentively, then he rose and left the room with a look of alarm. In his note-book, he wrote: In this note, the intendant general clearly draws the line of conduct that Laborde should adopt. He is not to say anything more to him, and he is also not to mention the king to Laborde again. Laborde, the intendant general orders, should only meet with  . . . The king had been arrested with his wife and sister-in




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